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5 Ways to Increase Productivity Through BIM

Does your BIM solution integrate with all of your project data?

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Today, many organizations utilize BIM for some of their project workflows. But innovative companies are going beyond 3-D models, implementing solutions that connect designs to a whole range of project data from other tools, including scheduling and estimating systems.

In this webinar, we will share how an interoperable platform can increase productivity by helping you accomplish 5 fundamental BIM goals:
  1. 1. Data Acquisition and Harmonization
  2. 2. Data Augmentation
  3. 3. Data Management
  4. 4. Visualization
  5. 5. Utilization to Improve Operations

We will also introduce the InfinyD solution and share how it can help you achieve each fundamental goal, provide better project visibility, and improve communication between key stakeholders.   

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About the Presenter

Andy Kayhanfar
Vice President, Visual Solutions